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  • PRIORITY 1: Acquisition of basic skills by low-skilled adults

  • PRIORITY 2: Promoting performance based approaches in VET

  • PRIORITY 3: Promoting innovative technology in the field of providing career guidance;

  • PRIORITY 4: Professionalization of staff (school education, including early childhood education and care);

  • PRIORITY 5: Achieving the aims of the renewed EU strategy for higher education

  • Project Summary of project Type of organisation
    Teacher Training and Professionalization of Staff in Education Being part of a KA3 Cooperation transnational Project which can enrich our institution by promoting professionalization through innovative and best teaching staff practices and also make an impact in the professional future our Child Care and Education students. Partner
    Priority 4 and 5 We are interested in projects within priority 4 or 5. Partner
    Entrepreneurial skills curriculum development for low-skilled adults We would like to develop the project proposal regarding entrepreneurial skills curriculum development for low-skilled adults in order to raise the entrepreneurial initiative. Applicant / Coordinator
    Building Safer Communities This project is geared to prevent religious extremism and radicalisation among refugee youngsters. Applicant / Coordinator
    Coaching without Borders Create a platform where different cultures can learn from each other and experience new methods in educating future sports coaches Applicant / Coordinator
    Up-skilling adults' competences We are interested in working with a partnership in order to develop a set of live workshops and webinars to train adult education teachers to upskill the adults students competences in order to help their inclusion in the current workforce. Applicant / Coordinator
    Looking for Partnership_Applicant Partner Interest in topics as: innovation / Factories of Future, entrepreneurship skills, new methodologies or pedagogies, technical and technological training, VET .. Partner
    Not yet decided We are interested in discussing opportunities with perspective partners. Our areas of expertise are Early Childhood Education and Care and we are also interested in the professionalisation of the ECCE sector and vocational training of staff Partner
    Virtual EU university of active citizens (EUACT) HE graduates suffer from illusory superiority (Dunning-Kruger effect, Schwartz´s value model), lack of citizenship awareness, and low ability of critical thinking. The DEA methodology will adopt the excellent HE experience into a model of “Virtual EU University of Active Citizens" which represents the most important strategic policies of ET 2020. Applicant / Coordinator
    ECEC (early childhood education and care) : how to improve the professionalization of staff ? The Erasmus + project could aim of testing new educational program/training course especially for practitioners in touch with children in every day’s life. Exchange on policy and exchange of knowledge and information with other organizations working in the same area. Which educational program for a bachelor in early childhood? Other
    Improving Career guidance in Europe The project aims to have a significant impact on promoting innovative technology in the field of career guidance by developing new IT solutions in order deliver faster and more comprehensive feedback from current graduate tracking surveys and systems with the goal to improve career guidance as a whole. Applicant / Coordinator
    N/A We are unsure yet, but we are looking for partners interested in working on Priority 5. Applicant / Coordinator
    Digitising in CVET The aim of the project is to create a network of partners in evaluating the effects of technological development, robotics and digital economy, in VET performance (namely within EQAVET). The project will focus on intermediate training and qualification references, vis-à-vis pilot projects in different Member States acting in specific sectors. Partner
    VET centre interested as Partner in Priority 2 VET Experienced VET centre in KA2 VET actions. We might be implementing partner for VET pilot actions related to Priority 2. Interested in projects working on Quality Assurance and Monitoring of the VET process. We can bring employers unions, learners, apprentices, local companies as added value to the project. Partner
    Looking for partners on priority 5 - addressing the mismatch between the knowledge and skills graduates have, and current and future needs of society, -breaking down the barriers between higher education and the 'outside world' in local communities, - removing obstacles and increasing the cost effectiveness of student and staff mobility Partner
    History and Citizenship for Fundamental Values The European agenda's on key competences have pushed educational innovation forward into more transversal and interdisciplinary ground. Subjects like history, however, remain mainly dominated by subject knowledge and content examinations. Applicant / Coordinator
    Teaching Numeracy Skills Designing and implementing a comprehensive and developmentally appropriated math curriculum for children aged 4 to 6, as well as testing a concurrent teacher training model is a main challenge that needs to be addressed. Partner
    Professionalization in ECE We wish to lead a project to support the creation of a professionalization structure for ece across partner countries. It would design professional standards which can be moderated at national level and agree transnational CPD standards. It would create web based hub for ECE educators to record CPD. Partner
    VET quality - learners perspective we are a Students' Unions Network, so we would like to cooperate in a project that explores VET quality in a learner centered manner Partner
    Soft skills for professionals staff From the experience on the KA2 project “NEET”, the project intends to analyze regulatory frameworks, operational and governance tools used in the EU countries for professionalization of teaching staff, if soft skills are included in vocational training and/or updating and if replicable teaching models on soft skills can be developed Applicant / Coordinator
    TRUST Trust is an European Project for reaching out our disadvantaged groups of mothers through approaches tailored to their circumstances and needs by radio programms Applicant / Coordinator
    Renewing EU Strategy for Higher Education: 16+1 Higher Education Co-operation Initiative This project is designed to bridge China and EU member states from CEECs (Central and Eastern Countries) for the renewed EU Strategy for higher education. Partner
    INTRASYS INTRASYS project aim is to develop an intelligent learning methodology for VET, based on, an integral platform of multimedia content, simulation and artificial intelligence, which provides a measurement and evaluation system allowing the monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of the teaching-learning process (in real time / day to day) Applicant / Coordinator
    Improve IT Skills for Adults The project idea is to develop a gamificated training tool able to training adults with low IT skills with the final aim to increase their work oportunities in the labour market Applicant / Coordinator
    ECVET and NON CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE Based on the work already done in the field of training and education in NCM sector... design a new policy. Partner