Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects partner search tool

This online search tool aims to help you identify potential project partners in the framework of the Call for Proposals for Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects (EACEA 41/2016) which is part of the programme Erasmus+: Support for Policy Reform – Initiatives for Policy Innovation

Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects (FLCPs) are trans-national co-operation projects proposed and managed by a partnership of key stakeholders in view of identifying, testing, developing or assessing innovative policy approaches in the fields of education and training, that have the potential of becoming mainstreamed and giving input for improving education and training systems. The aim of such projects is to provide in-depth knowledge on target group(s), learning, teaching or training situations and effective methodologies and tools that help policies to develop, as well as conclusions relevant for policy makers in education and training at all levels.

Proposals submitted under the present call must address one of the five priorities listed below:

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  • PRIORITY 1: Acquisition of basic skills by low-skilled adults

  • PRIORITY 2: Promoting performance based approaches in VET

  • PRIORITY 3: Promoting innovative technology in the field of providing career guidance;

  • PRIORITY 4: Professionalization of staff (school education, including early childhood education and care);

  • PRIORITY 5: Achieving the aims of the renewed EU strategy for higher education